Help For Tuscaloosa

12 May

Having been through a pretty big natural disaster personally, Hurricane Andrew in 1992, I thought I was prepared for what I was going to see.  I was dead wrong.  The distinct path of the tornado left total destruction in its wake.   It had no mercy.  The sights and smells were that of a third world country.  It was literally as if a bomb went off, much in the sense my mom would describe my room in high school. The question that kept popping up in my mind was, “Where do you start?”  I was overwhelmed for the residents of Tuscaloosa and at the same time humbled by their positive spirits.  Hope in the midst of such despair can only be God.

Since returning home, I am drawn to the fact that I must go back.  There are months and months of intense tearing down ahead and eventually rebuilding.  The media will cease their coverage, as ultimately some other tragedy will take its place, but the fact is Tuscaloosa will need volunteers for a very long time.  I think everyone who is physically able should take the short drive over.  It will change you.

— Andrea Myers

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